car accident damages

Car accidents happen every day across Missouri, resulting in injuries, property damage, and other factors that impact a driver’s life. Those that suffer damages after a collision deserve compensation, which can vary depending on the circumstances of an accident. Read below to learn more about the types of damages Missouri drivers can claim after an accident and how a car accident attorney can help. 

Missouri Car Accident Damages

Property Damage 

Collisions at any speed can result in property damage to varying degrees. That includes your vehicle and anything inside of it. Eyeglasses, cell phones, and other items are often broken during an accident, not to mention body damage or major repairs caused by the crash. Don’t forget about personal items when listing property damage for a claim. 

Lost Income

After a car accident, you may miss work due to doctor’s visits, surgeries, and recovery. Current and future lost income can be claimed as damages after Missouri car accidents. Whether it’s an extended leave or an injury that leaves you unable to work. You have the right to be compensated after losing income or income potential. 

Medical Costs

Surgery, physical therapy, etc. Injuries are extremely common with Missouri car crashes. Each year, tens of thousands of accidents in Missouri result in injuries. Types of injuries range from whiplash and head injuries to broken bones and paralyzation. Ongoing medical treatment can be a burden, but you can claim damages for any personal injury you incur during an accident. 

Non-Economic Damages

Other damages are not monetary, but require compensation just the same. Pain and suffering caused by a car accident can include emotional distress, loss of enjoyment, chronic pain, and anguish that can affect a person’s daily life. Non-economic damages can be difficult to calculate and prove, but an attorney specializing in Missouri car accidents can help you navigate the process and receive the compensation that you deserve. 

Punitive Damages

Missouri is one of several states that allows punitive damage claims after a car accident. Punitive damages require extensive proof that the driver at fault acted maliciously or with the intent to harm the victim. Although rare, some circumstances can call for punitive damages to be paid, like in cases of extreme negligence or ill intentions. 

Fault and Missouri Car Accidents

Missouri uses comparative fault to determine the percentage of responsibility each party pays in a car accident. An insurance company can allege comparative fault. But if the determination is not agreed upon, the case will be taken to trial where a jury decides. A jury will assess and assign fault to each driver based on the evidence presented during legal proceedings. That means that if the jury decide that you held 20% fault in an accident, your damages claim will be reduced by that amount. It also means that you may be able to file a claim for damages even if you were found to be partially at fault. 

Missouri Car Accident Lawyers

Did you suffer damages after a car accident in Missouri? At Dreyer & Tinney, our skilled team of lawyers can help you receive the compensation you’re entitled to. We help you every step of the way. Negotiating with insurance, gathering evidence to prove your case, and helping you calculate damages to ensure you’re paid fairly. Contact the team at Dreyer & Tinney to schedule a free consultation with one of our car accident lawyers.